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HARDtalk talks to newsmakers and personalities from across the globe.
HARDtalk Extra
HARDtalk Extra will profile the personalities that make the news, leading figures from the arts and entertainment, scientists and overnight success stories.
Extra Time
Extra Time interviews some of the biggest names in world sport.
Dateline London
Dateline London speaks to foreign correspondents currently posted in London who look at events in the UK through outsiders' eyes.
The World Debate
The World Debate is a series of discussion programmes from around the globe.
The Doha Debates
The Debates are a public forum for dialogue and freedom of speech in Qatar.
Have Your Say
Viewers will be able to share their views on topical issues of the day and put their questions directly to leading figures in the world.
Michael Peschardt
Michael Peschardt meets some of the most famous and infamous people in the Asia-Pacific region.

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