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The Spirit Of Yachting
The Spirit Of Yachting
The Spirit Of Yachting continues on BBC World with a series of films exploring some of the most exciting events in the world of sailing.
Saturdays at 0630
Repeated: Saturdays at 2130, Sundays at 1130 and Mondays at 0130 (not showing in Asia Pacific or South Asia) GMT
The films use the events as a backdrop to tell the human stories behind the race and reveal the passion, emotion and dedication needed to take part in any world class sporting occasion.

The Spirit Of Yachting
Spirit Of Yachting returns to BBC World with a new series.

Each programme puts the viewer inside the top yachting events around the world - from legendary ocean races to tightly-contested one-design and handicap racing.

The programmes take you on a journey to the sailing world's most famous, grand prix 'race tracks’.

Spirit of Yachting 3 203
Shot around the world, in some of the most stunning and desirable locations imaginable, the films bring to life the diverse characters that inhabit the sailing world.


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