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Reporters, the weekly showcase for BBC correspondents gives an opportunity to see global reporting of the highest quality - whether breaking news of the day or more reflective journalism.
Sundays at 0830 (Not in Europe) GMT
Repeated: Sundays at 2230 (Not Showing in South Asia or Asia Pacific) GMT. Also, a 15 minute version will be showing in Asia Pacific and South Asia only on Mondays at 0045 & 0245 GMT
BBC World is known for Putting News First, and each week, Reporters offers the opportunity to catch up on some of the best journalism seen on the channel in the previous seven days.

A weekly programme of stories filed by BBC reporters from all over the world.

A total of 250 correspondents file stories from 58 BBC bureaux around the globe.

They offer insight and analysis into the major topics on the international news agenda, as well as unearthing some of the lesser-known issues affecting the areas they cover.


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