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There's no doubting that after the fabulous sporting year of 2006, it's going to be tough for 2007 to provide a similar feast of sporting highlights. But while it's true that a Winter Olympics and a football World Cup are hard acts to follow, the action promised over the next 12 months should satisfy even the most demanding sports fan.

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As it does every year, Australia hosts the first global blue-chip event: the Australian Open Tennis Championships, the first of the four 'Slams', in Melbourne from January 15 - 28. The smart money will again be on either Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal to win the men's title and it's difficult to see who's going to emerge from the pack to challenge their dominance. But watch out for British teenager Andy Murray in 2007. He rocketed up the rankings into the world top-20 last year and won his first ATP title at a younger age than Federer. Provided he stays injury-free, this star could go on rising. In the women's game, Amelie Mauresmo is world no 1 - but for how long? A resurgent Clijsters and Henin-Hardenne are snapping at her heels; Hingis is back on the scene; and supremely talented players continue to pour out of Russia.

And hot on the heels of the Australian Open, cricket fans will be champing at the bit for the start of the Cricket World Cup, hosted for the first time by the West Indies. As the year starts of course, Australia will still be trying to wrest the Ashes back from England, but once that conflict's been settled, all eyes will be on the one-day game in the Caribbean. It's a long tournament - starting on March 13, with the Final actually taking place in Quarter 2 on April 28. As world-ranked no 1 and current World Champions, Australia start as huge favourites - but on home soil and in front of home crowds, maybe it's time for the Windies to recapture their glory days and win again.

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All of January and the first couple of weeks in February see the European football season in its annual winter hibernation - though the break's a minimal one in Spain and Italy and non-existent in England - so the continent's top teams don't have that much time to regain peak form before it's back to business in the Champions League and UEFA Cup. Both resume in the third week of February, with the knock-out stages in each event. The return legs are a fortnight later.

In the USA, MLB's World Series was decided back in October and the climax to the NBA and NHL seasons are still distant treats, but the NFL's reaching its conclusion. The regular season ended with perfect symmetry on December 31 and January's devoted to the playoffs, before all roads lead to the Dolphin Stadium in Miami for Superbowl XLI on February 4.

And from chilly Europe, the first quarter ends back in Australia with the start of the new Formula 1 Grand Prix season on March 18. It'll seem a bit strange at first not to see the now-retired Michael Schumacher behind the wheel of the lead Ferrari - but that could lead to the most open season in years.


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