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Some questions are asked of us every day, and you could receive the answer to your question by checking our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you want more information on (or transcript of) a news item, then we recommend using the search facility at BBC News Online, which features all reports by BBC journalists, at

We can usually help with any other query about BBC World News, but for programme enquiries you should provide the programme title or date and time of transmission. For technical enquiries please state where you live and what equipment you are using.

Comments and suggestions are important to us and contribute to our planning and decision-making process.

Please remember to include your name and country, the programme title and/or date and time of transmission, and the name of any presenter or contributor if applicable. We're unable to help with comments about any other channel, except BBC Prime - for which our team also provides customer service.

Your complaint is important to us
We hope you enjoy all the BBC World News programmes and services. But if you have a complaint, we want to know. We ask that serious complaints, such as those suggesting a breach of standards, should be made in writing (not email) giving specific details in order to receive a considered response.


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